Our Story

Purpless Maternity is a maternity brand designed by Purpless Ltd based in the UK. 

Purpless Maternity was originally a small online home based company which was created after the owners who were soon to be parents experienced difficulties finding comfortable, affordable and stylish clothing designed specifically to meet the needs of pregnant and breastfeeding ladies. 

Although when Purpless started back in 2011, we were a fairly small online retailer only stocking a few basic maternity garments. Since then, we have experienced enormous growth and now stock a fantastic range of maternity and breastfeeding clothing that is suitable for everyday use as well as those special occasions you may have throughout the year.

Our aim always was to create good quality products that are functional yet make you feel feminine and come with a reasonable price tag. After all, purchasing everything you need before  welcoming your new bundle of joy into the world is an expensive time for any expectant parent(s) without worrying weather or not you still have any clothes in the wardrobe that fit.

Our clothes are designed not only to see you through the first 9 months of pregnancy but to also see you through the months that follow. Our huge breastfeeding range is designed to provide you with the privacy and comfort you require weather at home or out and about.

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Love from Purpless Maternity team xx